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If you have followed my stories for a while, you might have realised that my scope of work is very broad.

And if you have just noticed my profile, then you might be shocked as you scroll down and see the diversity of topics that I write about.

Of course, if you are like me, you might be fascinated.

But I understand that not everybody is like me.

Therefore, I have created this page. In case you would like to read about a certain topic or scope of work, you can find the stories here, classified. I update this list weekly. In the case a story is cross-pollinated, it will appear under two categories.


  1. Personal Growth, Relationships, and Spirituality
  2. Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
  3. RedefiningCapitalism Podcast Interview Transcripts
  4. Travel Journals
  5. Sports-Related Content
  6. Poetry
  7. Without Borders
  8. One Million Heroes

You can also sign up for my mailing list, either to the general one or to a segmented one on a specific topic. I send this once a month, including links to the articles I’ve published, as well as work by other creators that I’ve enjoyed.

Thanks for dropping by!

Personal Growth, Relationships, and Spirituality

  1. It Starts Here — It Ends Nowhere

2. I Have Been Without My Phone For Two Weeks — Here’s What’s Happened

3. A Brief History of Acceptance

4. In Times Like These, Remember The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

5. How Tennis Became My Mindfulness Teacher

6. The Contradiction That Wasn’t

7. Stop, Nobody is Watching You

8. God is Love: Why is Fear so Prevalent in Religion?

9. Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

10. Every Love Relationship is a Gift, No Matter How Long It Lasts

11. If You Really Want to Change The World

12. 5 Quotes from David Foster Wallace That Can Inspire Us To Be Better Writers

13. We Can Prepare Mindfully for the Upcoming Lockdown

14. Our Road to Big Sur

15. Uncovering Your Golden Buddha

16. The Gift of Friendship

17. On What to Write About: Letter to my Younger Self

18. This Book Will Change The Way We Approach Life — Especially In The Current World

19. When All We Have Is Now

20. 3 Steps To Become Radically Transparent

21. 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Long-Distance Relationship

22. How to Harness the Power of Sports for Growth and Healing

23. How I Went From Zero to 55 Articles In Six Months

24. 3 Epic Sports Comebacks To Get You Back On Track

25. Two Compassionate, Love-Filled Words For You: Stop Trying

26. How To Make Today Your Best Day: One Simple Thing That I Do Every Morning

27. 4 Words That Have The Power To Transform Your Life

28. The Letter I Wish I Read Before Going To College

29. Why All Coaches Need A Coach

30. How To Stay On Purpose: There’s Nothing Out There Worth Betraying Yourself For

31. How ‘The Life of Pi’ Changed The Way I Relate To People — And To Myself

32. The Choice That Matters The Most

Living fully and writing, perhaps retelling the story that’s already written as it unfolds in front of my eyes.

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