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Writing about travel, business & innovation, spirituality, sports, and mostly, life, and stories of people being people.

Writer & Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur and Investor, Tennis Player and Coach, Digital Nomad, Spiritual Being Living a Human Experience.

I am, as I’m often told by many friends, an old soul in a young body.

And I’ve lived a very eventful life.

Some of the people I admire, including family members and other good friends and mentors, have told me how they want to leave this Earth with nothing.

In a world full of obsession with riches and materialism, I consider this very wise advice.

And I, too, want to leave this Earth with nothing. That includes all my stories and experiences, as well as my opinions and beliefs, which are always subject to change. Change indicates growth.


List updated weekly.

If you have followed my stories for a while, you might have realised that my scope of work is very broad.

And if you have just noticed my profile, then you might be shocked as you scroll down and see the diversity of topics that I write about.

Of course, if you are like me, you might be fascinated.

But I understand that not everybody is like me.

Therefore, I have created this page. In case you would like to read about a certain topic or scope of work, you can find the stories here, classified. I update this list…

The art of being a non-drifter starts with saying no.

If we could just say no.

How many times do we ask ourselves what would have happened, if we’d dare to say no instead of compromising, just this last time?

If you’re like me, and you’re a people-pleaser in recovery, then the answer might be many, many times.

I vividly remember this scene: preparing tea, or coffee, setting my desk overlooking the garden, or the city’s skyline, or something inspirational, and making sure the space is proper for me to write. A space worthy of a writer.

And then, an invitation comes.

Would you like to join me at this…

From a family from Guatemala who has lived under the radar in Toronto for over twenty years.

Based on a true story.

Any life can change in a heartbeat. We think that we’ve made it, that we have it all figured out, that the remainders of our time on Earth will be a smooth journey of repeating the motions, and that this will prevent us from ever having to struggle again.

But no person has been able to beat destiny, even if it temporarily seems that we have mastered the ropes. Epictetus describes it well in his Discourses and Selected Writings. There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which…

Stay around those that can lift you up.

Recently, my tennis coach and I have been having pretty intense matches.

For the first time in over five years, I am spending time in my hometown. Therefore, I have been hitting with the same coach who got me initiated into tennis. Training for three or more hours a day, under his stewardship, I went from not knowing how to hold a racquet properly to becoming a decently competitive youth player.

And, after I beat him in the past two matches, here I was, serving for the set, 5–2, all ready for me to make it three-on-a-streak.

But life had…

And why those who make decisions at schools would do well to read it too.

College is an enormous investment. Not only financially — as the behemothic student loan statistics come to show — but also, time-wise. For those of us who finished college, four or more years of our lives have been spent in the pursuit of something that ends with a diploma that has our name engraved in it.

Is it worth it?

I am currently spending time at my family’s home. From the study where I am writing this — which is also the office from where I launched my first business many years ago — I see my college degree, proudly…

How we communicate says a lot to others about how they can relate to us

The story I tell myself, are the five words that Brené Brown talks about in her book, Rising Strong, to illustrate the power that a self-created narrative can have over us, and how it can affect how we connect to ourselves, to our loved ones, and also, to people in general.

It is not new for us to appreciate how our world is based on stories. Our minds, hoping to make sense of everything that unfolds in front of us, cling to stories eager to simplify a complex world. This is why stories are so powerful as vehicles for teaching…

In the endlessly-competitive game of morning routines as the ultimate hack for life, there is still a lot of power in simplicity.

I remember standing in the heart of the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro in Lucca, Italy. For those who are not familiar with Lucca, it is a walled historic city surrounded by greenery — the quintessential Tuscany experience except for the hills. I remember the breeze, the birds, the calm with which everyone had their espresso sitting down at one of the sidewalk cafés, still finding time to connect, to laugh, to people-watch. I felt jealous.

The jealousy was stemming from that part of me that needed to be always on the go. That part of me that was always yearning, wanting, moving…

José Miguel Ramírez Olivos is a well-known Mexican aeronautical engineer who works at the Canadian Space Agency. As a child he wanted to be an aviator pilot, but fate led him to be a satellite controller. José Miguel originally arrived in Montreal in 2001.

Passions come in different shapes or forms — a sudden insight after a profound introspection process; an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin. That serendipitous whisper that we yearn for, sometimes without even realizing it. For José Miguel Ramírez Olivos, it came as a photograph on the cover of an encyclopedia.

The book had been a gift from his father, and it showed a Boeing 727 being assembled. What followed was what happens after a moment of instant love. “Since then, every gift that I asked for was related to planes and space. I collected capsules and lunar…

Will Sergio Hernandez Attempt to Cross an Eighth One?

Based on a true story.

Every story starts with a single step. A breath, a word, a smile, a tear. Or literally the sound of footsteps, from brown-washed Oxfords to leather loafers to low-heel Jimmy Choos that pound the sidewalks — or the streets — of its cities firmly engaged in the pursuit of something.

What you’re wearing doesn’t really matter when every step walks towards a dream just as it is running away from a nightmare. Brisk, vigorous strides make their way through the main conurbations of a territory that is as real as it is fictitious. The land…

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