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Living fully and writing, perhaps retelling the story that’s already written as it unfolds in front of my eyes.

Writer & Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur and Investor, Tennis Player and Coach, Digital Nomad, Spiritual Being Living a Human Experience.

Somewhere along the Oregon coast. Photo Credit: Javier Ortega-Araiza

I am, as I’m often told by many friends, an old soul in a young body.

And I’ve lived a very eventful life.

Some of the people I admire, including family members and other good friends and mentors, have told me how they want to leave this Earth with nothing.

In a world full of obsession with riches and materialism, I consider this very wise advice.

And I, too, want to leave this Earth with nothing. That includes all my stories and experiences, as well as my opinions and beliefs, which are always subject to change. Change indicates growth.


List updated weekly.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

If you have followed my stories for a while, you might have realised that my scope of work is very broad.

And if you have just noticed my profile, then you might be shocked as you scroll down and see the diversity of topics that I write about.

Of course, if you are like me, you might be fascinated.

But I understand that not everybody is like me.

Therefore, I have created this page. In case you would like to read about a certain topic or scope of work, you can find the stories here, classified. I update this list…

Not understanding these caused me enormous losses and landed me in deep debt.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Morgan Housel’s The Psychology of Money is an extraordinary book on how to build true wealth. And even though there are many golden nuggets in those 156 pages, there is one that particularly resonated with me.

It is the title of Chapter 5: Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy.

One of the main points of Housel’s work is that an enormous mistake that we make when it comes to money is to consider it an exclusively quantitative concept when in reality, our decision-making is majorly driven by emotions and stories. And here is where this chapter comes into place.

As a…

Travel. Colombia. N South America.

What I learned from visiting Ciudad Bolivar, known as one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world.

“Bogota, Colombia” by szeke is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Adolfo was only fourteen when I met him. Yet, at his short age, he had already been through the ranks of one of the deadliest gangs that roam the slums of Bogotá — specifically, Ciudad Bolivar, an isolated community popularly known as a hotspot for drugs and crime.

Ciudad Bolivar is where many of those who were displaced by what is known as the Colombian conflict — involving the FARC guerrilla and other paramilitary groups — settled, hoping to find peace and solace from the sanguinary strife that has devastated the country for decades.

Some of them came and went…

We’re all a teacher and a student of everyone we meet

Photo by Randy Rizo on Unsplash

5 to 7 remains one of my favourite romantic films. Many people I know have dismissed it one way or the other, but for some reason, I developed a special liking for this movie. Maybe it is because I resonated with the character of Brian Bloom — an aspiring novelist with existential struggles.

I also saw it for the first time when I had met someone like Arielle.

5 to 7 is a film about relationships. It is also a film about people, in general. A film about how we can be so quick when judging and so harsh when…

From the experience of the founder of Vermont’s first microbrewery and first micro-distillery.

Photo by daniela de gol on Unsplash

Steve Israel is the quintessential example of a serial entrepreneur.

Earlier in time, he co-founded the first microbrewery and the first micro-distillery in Vermont, and also The Running Moose Hill Farm, an organic beef farm, as well as The Great American Salvage Company, which he launched from his kitchen and gradually grew into a large company that dismantled buildings and resold their historical details.

Among the clients of his different ventures, he counts people like Bob Dylan and other celebrities.

Steve is also a sculptor, and the founder of HarborArts, a not-for-profit organisation that transformed the 14-acre Boston Harbor Shipyard…

There are a lot of lessons learned after ten years in the trenches.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

If somebody had said to me that I’d be running an extremely successful business three months after my college graduation, I would have, most likely, taken it as a joke.

Not because I did not consider myself capable of running a business, but because I was not sure of what it was that I wanted to do.

Following some of my side hustles as a student — including one which became a six-figure business — I launched a company that designed immersive and educational travel experiences for students. I did it mostly because I wanted to travel, and this afforded…

From a family from Guatemala who has lived under the radar in Toronto for over twenty years.

Photo by Zia Syed on Unsplash

Based on a true story. The previous chapter of this story can be accessed here.

After landing successfully in Toronto, Lauro and Eloisa Gutierrez went from restaurant owners to dishwashers and floor cleaners. On our first evening, I wiped and scrubbed the grease of a pub kitchen nearby. It seemed small. But it took me from three to seven in the morning. I was shocked, says Lauro. But the pact was clear: all for one, and one for all. If they were to ensure survival, if they were to persevere in this initially cold, gloomy and hostile no man’s land…

Is the one you’re about to make.

Photo by Sébastien Marchand on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve screwed up. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve fallen behind. It is okay. You are still here. You are still alive.

The road might be foggy. The climb might be steep. But you’re as worthy today as you were yesterday.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it. Even if all hell broke loose.

To remember that…That is the most important choice.

To say yes to yourself and what you really need.

To order tea instead of beer when you don’t really feel like drinking. To take care of yourself instead of mindlessly…

There is more to the world than our minds can conceive.

“Life Of Pi In A Bottle” by TaylorHerring is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

At the beginning of Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi, an elderly man says to the author, who was, in his own words, hungry — meaning, on the hunt for the next big story.

I have a story that will make you believe in God.

And with that, the life chronicle of Pi Patel begins to unravel — the inspiring, heart-wrenching tale about surviving against extraordinary odds and finding hope in the most extreme and gruesome of conditions.

Once he has reached land, when Pi is interned at the Benito Juarez infirmary in Tomatlan, Mexico, a seaside town in the…

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